#believetour i miss you too much @justinbieber 😩 💕#tbt

guys i’m gonna be a taylor swift/selena gomez/justin bieber blog

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it feels like one of those nights… 😊 🙊

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i love ittt ❤️

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double chocolate chip ❤️

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🌃 💕

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i just realised that i haven’t posted a video from the @taylorswift concert i’ve recently been to. so here it is now. honestly, it was the best concert i’ve EVER been to. like, ever. haha. i’ve been waiting for that night for around 6-7 years. it finally happened, i finally saw my idol. and it couldn’t of been better. when she came out, i started shaking, crying and screaming. it just hits you – you realise that your dreams are coming true, it’s FINALLY happening. and that feeling is the best feeling i ever had. oh. and i lost my voice after the second song because i was screaming and singing so loudly. i don’t even care that i maybe looked crazy being the ONLY person in the section that danced. i had fun. the concert has been PERFECT. everything she did was flawless. her voice is beautiful, she is beautiful, and her songs and speeches made me cry. she is so nice as well. i’m so so so happy and grateful that i had the chance to experience that. when the concert was almost over, i saw mama swift and went up to her and talked to her, hugged her and took a picture. and she promised that she will tell taylor about me. and then she took me to the front. it was perfect. i cried SO much after the show. wow, this was supposed to be a short description and it got quite long haha. thank you so much @taylorswift for the best night of my life. i will remember that night forever. i will love you and support you forever. #REDTour 7.12.2013

christmas lights glisten.

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